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Whether you're training to reach muscle hypertrophy, endurance, or even running sprints, you have undoubtedly encountered a burning sensation deep in your muscles. The feeling comes on strong and fast, often causing you to stop mid-set until you find the mental strength to push through the pain. That unmerciful burn is often the result of lactic acid accumulation, and for those who don't know already, it's as brutal it sounds.

Capitol Connections – Unforeseen Cost of the Dodd-Frank Reform

As an executive board member of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation, Randy Haug of LeaseTeam, Inc. understands the importance of being an advocate for the industry. This understanding brought Randy, accompanied by Russ Hallberg and Jesse Johnson of LeaseTeam, to the Capitol Connections last month. While each year has its issues and challenges, the ultimate goal is to educate Congress members and select Administration officials on concerns of the ELFA and the industry it serves.